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Foundry Risk Assessment Services

Triggers 6 (Sections 87.3, 87.4, 87.5 and 88, subsections 90 (1), (2), (3);
Sections 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 99, 101, and 102)

Companies that produce or handle aluminum or steel or are foundries melting or handling molten material have specific compliance requirements under Ontario Regulation 851 in order to ensure that workers do not become injured due to contact or accidents. 

Our team of engineers work with you in a practical manner in order to ensure that the hazards are eliminated and workers are kept safe on the job.

Flammable Liquid Storage

Triggers 1

Machine Guarding

Trigger 2

Trigger 3

Storage Racking

risk of ignition or explosion

Trigger 4

Dust Collectors

Trigger 5

Trigger 6

Foundry or

molten Material

Lifting Devices

Trigger 7

Industrial Hygiene

Triggers 8

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