Woodworking Machine Safety Experts
HITE Engineering offers services to evaluate the adequacy of currently installed guarding on woodworking machinery as well as provides customized improvements for the protection of employee safety. More accidents occur with woodworking machines than any other type of machine due to inadequate guards and safety devices. Woodworking machines often have high-speed cutters which cannot be entirely enclosed and have unsafe guarding. Woodworking accidents commonly happen at circular saws, planing machines, vertical spindle-moulding machines and band saws. If it is not possible to prevent access to dangerous parts of machinery using fixed guards alone, HITE will provide appropriate recommendations such as:
  • Machine guarding solutions such as using a combination of fixed guards, adjustable guards, interlocked guards or automatic guards
  • Protection devices: two-handed controls, pressure mats, light guards
  • Protection appliances: jigs, holders, push-sticks
  • Hinged, sliding or movable guards which form part of a perimeter fence or enclosure


Sample Client List

  • Alpa Roof Trusses Inc
  • Artistree
  • Brockport Home Systems
  • CiF Lab Casework Solutions
  • D&E Wood Industries Ltd.
  • Knoll North America Corp.
  • Pinehurst Woodworking
  • Solowave Design
  • Stairfab
  • Tembec
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