Access Ladder Design and Installation

Access Ladder Design and Installation

At HITE Engineering Corporation, we provide full turnkey solutions for the design, supply & installation of fixed access ladders in accordance with the Ontario Regulation 851 and OBC Supplementary Standard SB-8. All of our ladders are completely custom designed to suit your needs, ensuring they meet or exceed all regulations as listed below: 

Applicable Codes, Regulations and Standards:

  • Ontario Building Code
  • Ont. Regulation 851
  • MOL Guidelines
  • ANSI A14.1
  • ANSI A14.3

 All of our ladders are designed with access safe access for your workers as a top priority. We will design your rooftop access ladder in a way that ensures both the ladder and the cage provide your workers with a comfortable, efficient, and safe solution for when access to your rooftop is needed.


Our trained technicians & engineers will come to your site and take all necessary measurements and dimensions to develop a final design in conformity with Ontario Building Code (OBC) and Ministry of Labour (MOL) requirements, signed and sealed by a professional engineer. 

Access Ladder Design and Installation


Following final approval of our engineered design, HITE Engineering Corporation can provide the supply of fabricated parts required for the installation including the ladder, safety cage, cage door, support brackets and platform (if required). All fabricated parts are hot dipped galvanized and all securing connectors & fasteners are stainless-steel.


Once all parts have been sourced and fabricated, HITE Engineering Corporation will complete the installation of the ladder at the designated location(s) and provide removal of the current ladder (if required). 

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