Pre-Start Health & Safety Review Training Seminars

Hite Engineering Pre-Start Health & Safety Review Training Seminars

Keep your workers, supervisors and engineers protected by keeping them informed.

Any structure, apparatus, protective element or process being used, must comply with the OHSA and its regulations. It is the duty of an owner, employer, supervisors and workers to abide by these requirements to ensure safety within their establishment and to be able to understand the requirements of PHSR (Pre-Start Health & Safety Review).

Though you do not have to conduct the PHSR on your own, you must be able to identify when one is needed.

One-Day Pre-Start Health & Safety Review Training Seminar

Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR’s) have been a regulatory requirement for Industrial Establishments since October of 2000. The guidelines and obligations related to PHSR’s have grown and evolved over the years, often leading to confusion or uncertainty around the related requirements.

The objective of our instructor-led ‘One-Day Pre-Start Health & Safety Review Training Seminar’ is to demystify the complexities of these reviews and provide a resource to industry personnel that place a priority on the safety of their coworkers and / or employees. This seminar is structured to provide exposure to the requirements described in Section 7 of Ontario Regulation 851 that are related to each circumstance requiring a PHSR.

The content of this seminar will feature the following topics and provide answers to many common questions:

  • An overview of what to expect during a PHSR project.
    • What information needs to be supplied? What documentation needs to be maintained on record? What should you expect from a competent reviewer? What type of terminology should you be familiar with?
  • The responsibilities of each party involved.
    • What are the responsibilities of an owner, employer, and the reviewer?
  • A breakdown of when a PHSR is required, as well as when one is not.
    • What are PHSR exemptions? When is an exemption applicable and how can one save you time and money?
  • What is a Risk Assessment as it relates to a PHSR and why is it important?
  • An introductory discussion of the applicable standards, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices related to each of the 8 PHSR circumstances.
    • How can you preemptively recognize hazards and non-compliance to better protect your workers, expedite your projects, and implement safety proactively?

One-Day Seminar Breakdown

  1. Introduction to PHSR’s & the PHSR Process
  2. Storing & Dispensing of Flammable Liquids
    1. Processes that Involve a Risk of Ignition or Explosion
  3. Machine Safeguarding & Safety Rated Components
    1. CSA Z432, Presses, & Robotic Systems
  4. Racking & Lifting Devices
  5. Hazardous Dust Operations & Dust Collectors
  6. Risk Assessments for PHSR’s
  7. PSR Reports
    1. Relevant Documentation & Required Records
  8. Questions & Answers

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HITE Training Profile

HITE Engineering Corporation is a leading consulting firm providing specialized services in health and safety engineering for over 25 years. HITE was formed to address the growing need for safety professionals in the private sector and has since strived to elevate our field of expertise by providing educational resources as well as quality, compliant, and practical engineering services.

Over the years, HITE Engineering has provided training for hundreds of industry personnel on topics ranging from compliance with various Ontario regulations, Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews, machine safeguarding, and more. In addition, our engineers have provided over 2,600 Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews making us industry leaders within Ontario.

*To ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes will be taught remotely.

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