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Established in 1997, with more than two decades of professional experience in structural engineering, HITE-Engineering provides the most in-depth and report of any safety consulting engineers in Canada. Working as both experts within multiple fields, and engineers, our team is experienced to offer consulting in every level of building design, construction, and management. We partner with property owners, banks, insurance agents and realtors to maintain the life cycle and improve performance. This gives us an edge over the alternative safety consulting engineers Ontario hosts. Our Toronto safety consulting engineers work closely with clients from the conception of a project through to its total completion. From the construction and testing of a building to the legal and contractual side of your project, HITE-Engineering continuously offers support and insight.

Why Choose HITE-Engineering?

HITE-Engineering ensures safety through the confidential investigation of properties, both new and old. Our engineering consulting based in Toronto, Ontario helps oversee fire code compliance, accessibility code compliance, fall arrest protocols and other relevant safety procedures. Working together, our experienced engineers help you navigate authority negotiations, technical discussions with building officials, and the design and implementation of compliance alternatives.

Every member of our team receives equal education and training on industry standards and safety protocols. With a crew of professional technicians and engineers in Ontario, our clients are provided detailed reports and structural failure analysis. You also receive an opportunity to work with a company that has achieved a zero lost time injury rate.

Our current team is comprised of the most comprehensive safety consulting engineers in Ontario. As a member of this province and our communities, we strive to help local companies meet their goals and further improve our local economy through the successful building of new structures and businesses. For HITE-engineering, your success is our success.

Safety Consulting Services

At HITE-Engineering, we provide several services as safety consulting engineers in Ontario. These include the following:

  • Building envelope performance investigations with comprehensive review and analysis of curtain wall systems, windows, and roofing systems.
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Remediation engineering and contract management of building
  • Parking garage and balcony structural rehabilitation
  • Driveway/Roadway pavement rehabilitation
  • Forensic engineering investigations
  • Project management
  • Due diligence surveys
  • Negotiations with compliance authorities
  • Accessibility analysis

To expand on each of these services, or to book a consultation with the best team of safety consulting engineers Ontario offers, call HITE-Engineering at 1-289-633-1535.

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