Lifting Equipment Inspection Service

Lifting Device Inspection Services

A lifting device such as a crane, lift truck or similar equipment used to support, raise or lowers objects or works, must be engineered so as not to pose a hazard to workers and be thoroughly examined by a competent person to determine its capability of handling the rated load prior to its first use and thereafter as recommended by the manufacturer (but at least once a year).  A permanent record must be kept, signed by the competent person performing the examination.

The province of Ontario has strict guidelines and restrictions regarding lifting devices. HITE-Engineering works closely with companies to provide the accurate lifting equipment inspection Ontario requires. Not meeting these regulations is detrimental to the companies involved, as it could render our machinery unfit for use within the province.

Along with an annual lifting equipment inspection in Ontario, we also offer pre-start health and safety reviews (PSR’s). These act in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations within the province. Whether you specialize in jobs requiring travelling bridge cranes, assembly line hoists, jib cranes, A-frame hoists, or any other lifting device, we can help. Our services vary depending on the equipment in use. Some ways We ensure your lift devices are meeting safety standards include:

  • A structural review of lifting devices.
  • Installation inspection to ensure all strict industry standards for erection tolerances and connection requirements have been met.
  • The preparation of repair procedures, where required


Services for our lifting equipment inspection in Ontario vary depending on visits needed, the complexity of changes required, and other variables. Following an in-depth consultation, HITE-Engineering Corp. provides a competitive rate compared to industry standards.

Why Choose HITE-Engineering?

HITE-Engineering Corp. is a local company with over 20+ years of experience in lifting equipment inspection in Ontario. We understand the intricacies involved, not only with this type of machinery but with the laws that must be adhered to comply with Regulations and current applicable standards.

We work within several industries, supporting clients in everything from automotive and construction to pharmaceuticals and warehouses. Our team takes great care in recognizing the individual needs of each industry and acknowledging the unique lifts requirements they must meet.

For more information on HITE-Engineering Corp., lifting equipment inspection Ontario standards, and other services we offer, call us at 1-289-633-1535.

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