Fire Code Audit

This service overlaps many of the other Industrial Safety services HITE provides, notably Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews for Dust Collectors, Storage & Dispensing of Flammable Liquids and Risk of Ignition / Explosion. The areas that are mandated for review by the Ministry of Labour only skim the surface of this important responsibility. Too often, Fire Code audits are only performed at the construction stage of a facility (as mandated by Building Codes) without adequate consideration for future uses. HITE Engineering has provided a number of ‘eye-opening’ Fire Code audits to various companies.

Our services include:

  • Building & Fire Code Analysis
  • Due Diligence Surveys
  • Negotiations with Compliance Authorities
  • Egress Analysis
  • Accessibility Code Analysis
  • Pre-Emergency and Disaster Planning
  • Code Equivalency Documentation
  • Fire Code Requirements for Hazardous Materials and Chemicals
  • Fire and Life Safety Master Planning and Program Development
  • Site Investigations
  • Fire Modeling
  • Smoke and Control System Design

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