Finite Element Analysis FEA & Design

Finite Element Analysis FEA & Design

HITE’s use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) has provided solutions to many companies in the category of new product design, as well as optimizing existing products. The advantages of using FEA are apparent in the quality of the finished product design. Using state of the art structural analysis and finite element analysis software, our engineers perform cost-effective analyses for industrial and construction applications.

Some Benefits of FEA and Solid Modeling:

  • New designs or existing products can be designed or refined to an accurate safety limit, which helps reduce material and construction costs

  • All areas of concern are easily located and improved upon during the development stage of the design

  • Problematic designs experiencing repeat failures can be analyzed and modified accordingly for improvement to the performance and life of the product

  • Analysis results are much more detailed than conventional engineering practices and easily uncover critical areas

HITE Engineering offers a complete suite of Finite Element Analysis capabilities including Structural and Mechanical reviews

What this means for the client:

  • A precise method of analyzing a structure or device to ensure its integrity

  • Prevent a possible future outcome where the product does not comply with the applicable standards and legislation


Our services include:

  • Mechanical & structural design
  • Electric circuit design

  • Static / dynamic / thermal stress analysis

  • Linear and non-linear analysis

  • Mechanical event simulation


Sample FEA Animations

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