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Vertical Transportation


As an owner of an elevating device you are responsible to ensure that the elevating device in your building is not used or operated unless a registered contractor maintains it. There are many factors that mandate the methods and intervals of maintenance of an elevating device. For instance, a maintenance interval depends on the quality and age of the device, the frequency and method of use of the device and so on. The maintenance of an elevating device must include inspection and examination at regular intervals to assure all parts and functions of the elevating device are as per OEM’s recommendation. The maintenance of an elevating device includes cleaning, lubricating and adjusting parts at regular intervals and repairing or replacing worn out or defective components in order to prevent the device from becoming unsafe for operation. In recent years, there have been some new requirements or enhancements in the methods that maintenance or inspections should be performed on a specific piece of equipment. For instance, new requirement for a Maintenance Control Program (MCP), which is to be provided and followed as part of the maintenance program by elevator contractors will change the method that the recording of repairs and replacements as well as the logging and tracking of call-backs were done in the past. Vertical transportation experts at HITE Engineering Corporation will be able to assist to inform you in more details regarding maintenance requirements. Followings are highlights of our services in maintenance:

  • Maintenance contract specification

  • Bid review and negotiation

  • Maintenance contract administration

  • Maintenance audit

  • Equipment Check-up

  • Periodic test and AHJ’s inspection reviews

  • Spare parts administration

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