Machine Guarding: A Mandatory Safety Measure in Manufacturing and Production

Posted by  On January 12, 2024
Machine Guarding: A Mandatory Safety Measure in Manufacturing and Production

The Importance of Machine Guarding in Industries

Manufacturing, production, and packaging industries often use machinery that can be dangerous if not handled correctly. These machines help speed up work but also pose risks to workers. That’s why machine guarding, or protecting these machines, is essential.

In 2012, Canadian data showed concerning incidents:

  • 1,976 workers were caught or squeezed by machines.
  • 305 workers got hurt from machine friction or pressure.
  • 367 workers suffered severe injuries, including amputations.

By 2013, 17% of the 2,373 safety violation orders from the Ministry of Labour related to inadequate machine guarding. This highlights how crucial proper machine protection is.

Understanding Machine Guarding

Machine guarding means safeguarding the most dangerous parts of machines. Any machine part that can harm someone needs protection while in use.

Legal Requirements in Canada

In Canada, machine guarding is a legal requirement to prevent accidents from machine malfunctions, human errors, electrical issues, or poor design. Since machines can be risky, proper guarding is vital to prevent severe injuries or deaths at work.

Some specific risks include:

  • Dangers from moving parts that can catch or pinch, needing protection.
  • Hazards from rotating machine parts require proper safety measures during repairs.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers have significant responsibilities to ensure machine safety:

  • Provide clear guidance and training on machine safety to employees.
  • Quickly fix any damaged machine parts to keep them safe.
  • Ensure machines have proper guards on moving parts and potential pinch points.
  • Regularly maintain machines by cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and repairing them.

Overall, both employers and supervisors share responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace by following these regulations and ensuring machine safety.

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