When Do you Need a Racking Inspection in Ontario?

Posted by  On January 9, 2024
Rack Safety Inspection Services

In sectors such as warehousing, manufacturing, and large-scale material handling, the integrity and safety of racking systems are paramount. These systems not only optimize space utilization but also streamline product organization, fostering operational efficiency. Ensuring that your racking systems comply with established safety standards necessitates timely inspections and certifications.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews for Racking Systems

In Ontario, conducting Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs) for racking systems is imperative to ascertain compliance with prescribed safety criteria. Should any discrepancies arise, the PSR report outlines remedial measures to achieve conformity.

Whether it involves new installations or existing configurations, our engineering associates conduct on-site evaluations, delivering stamped 3D drawings that align with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) protocols. Our comprehensive engineering services also encompass upgrading older or used racking systems to meet current standards.

While racking PSRs and CSA inspection requirements are fundamental for racking-dependent entities, recognizing the appropriate times for inspections remains crucial. Situations warranting racking inspections encompass:

  • New Rack Installations: Any recent pallet rack installations necessitate a PSR to pre-emptively identify potential defects or deficiencies.
  • System Modifications: Reconfigurations, repairs, or layout alterations mandate a PSR to uphold warehouse compliance standards.
  • Safety Enhancement: Proactive measures, such as periodic inspections, fortify safety protocols and ensure uninterrupted operational efficiency.

Regulatory Requirements for Racking in Ontario

Ontario mandates racking certification through either a PSR conducted by an engineer or an exemption provided by the racking manufacturer, substantiated by a PSR exemption letter. Any uncertified or modified racking systems necessitate a subsequent PSR, in alignment with OHSA regulations, particularly reg 851 section 7, overseen by the Ministry of Labour.

Complementary to PSRs, racking systems demand routine inspections by qualified personnel. As delineated in the CSA A344-17 guidelines, internal evaluations should occur monthly, supplemented by annual expert inspections, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to safety protocols.

Key Racking Obligations to Uphold:

  • Display capacity plaques detailing racking load capacities.
  • Maintain records of PSRs or exemption letters.
  • Relocate racking mandates a renewed PSR.
  • Beam level modifications necessitate a revised PSR.
  • Component replacements, barring structural alterations, obviate the need for a new PSR.
  • Owners bear personal accountability for compliance, pursuant to Bill C-45.

In essence, Ontario-based racking installations mandate a triad of actions: Certify, Inspect, and Maintain. Collaborating with accredited racking specialists safeguards your facility’s compliance and safety throughout the year.

Resourceful References for Racking Guidelines:

  • Ministry of Labour: Racking PSR
  • Determining PSR Necessity
  • CSA Inspection Guidelines (SCAN)
  • Westray Bill (Bill C-45)

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