5 Reasons to Hire a Safety Engineering Consultant Firm

Posted by  On August 17, 2022
5 reasons to hire a safety engineering consultant firm

Many small and medium-sized business owners now recognize the importance of establishing safety policies and ensuring occupational health and safety in the working environment.

Why? Because it’s a win-win for both the workers and the employers when workplace safety is prioritized.

Employees who feel safe and protected at work will likely be more motivated and perform better.

Moreover, well-implemented safety measures help mitigate safety hazards, reducing injuries, accidents, and any severe workplace incidents that can negatively affect the company’s bottom line.

Whether you’re a small business owner, general manager, or a leader of a large organization, the added complexity of health and safety alongside other business challenges on your plate can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own. A safety engineering consultant can guide you through the regulatory minefield to build a reputable business.

Unsure whether hiring a safety engineering consultant will benefit you and your company? Here is a breakdown of what they do and five reasons why a safety consultant may be just what your business needs.

What does a safety engineering consultant do?

Safety engineering consultants are third-party professionals who assess your working environment and provide recommendations and expertise for eliminating workplace safety hazards.

Once they’ve reviewed and assessed your working environment, they can help develop procedures and implement systems to create a safer environment free from hazards that may lead to injury or illness.

They have a thorough knowledge of current safety and health legislation and the compliance requirements of various provincial and federal agencies.

In addition, safety consultants will:

  • Provide health and safety training to staff
  • Perform safety risk assessments
  • Perform safety audits
  • Create sustainable safety and compliance manuals
  • Help foster a strong safety culture among employees
  • Help the company navigate safety investigations and audits

Benefits of Hiring a Safety Engineering Consultant

1. They are safety experts

With rising workers’ compensation costs and liability issues, keeping employees safe at work is an increasingly important responsibility for any company.

A safety engineering consultant has the necessary knowledge and expertise in compliance standards specific to your business and industry.

It is their job to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in safety technologies and any new regulations that may directly affect your company.

They can provide any necessary safety recommendations and even help you prepare for changing safety regulations in advance. When you hire a safety consultant, you have an individual who focuses solely on safety.

They can help you explain regulations to your supervisory team and ensure your company remains compliant.

2. They can leverage experience

Independent safety consultants have access to knowledge that can only come with experience. Their varied backgrounds in other sectors give them insight into effective health and safety measures that they can apply to solve your specific safety issues.

A professional safety consultant can adapt to various challenges and is not confined to working in one industry.

They can transfer their invaluable knowledge to solve any safety situation in the workplace.

3. They save you time and money

Safety consultants are laser-focused on potential hazards and risks in the working environment.

They can help you quickly identify and breach safety gaps before they become serious problems, thus saving you money and time.

A safety consultant will also advise you on which services and products are needed when they are required.

This saves you time from researching and prevents you from purchasing something that does little to increase safety.

4. They are flexible

A safety consultant’s flexibility is unmatched when compared to a permanent, in-house safety specialist.

Consultants can be on-boarded on an ad-hoc, as-needed basis. They also offer the capacity for extra hours and flexible schedules to meet your company’s needs and strict deadlines.

Last-minute projects can be done quickly and urgently.

5. They give an impartial view of your safety culture

A safety consultant provides a fresh, unbiased view of your company’s current safety culture.

As an impartial third party, they are not burdened by any office politics or internal events. Their motivation is strictly in ensuring compliance, providing safety management, and protecting workers.

Since they are not an internal employee, safety consultants can also serve as a buffer between the management team and workers for any feedback or change implementation.

The process can be made a little more palatable when it is done through a third party like a safety consultant.

With increasing concern for public health and safety, it’s becoming more important than ever to make worker safety a top priority.

Instead of running yourself into the ground as you try and anticipate every potential hazard or possible danger, hire a dedicated professional to ensure the health and happiness of your workforce and yourself.

At HITE Engineering, we help you ensure safety through engineering. Our experienced engineers and technicians have specialized knowledge in all facets of workplace safety. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a safe environment for your workers.

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